We offer professional consultancy for access on Romanian pharmaceutical market, following strategies and applying professional solutions, customised to each client.

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission - We want to be acknowledged as a reliable partner, at the same time stable and adapted to reality, as well as flexible in respect to our customers needs, so that they could get maximum satisfaction from our services, on a continuously changing market.

Vision - We intend that, through pharma consultancy services provided to our customers, to facilitate clients access and maintenance on Romanian market of products needed for the patients in general, but also for specific categories of patients, as well as for patients with special needs. To the best interest of our customers, we constantly act professionally and in a transparent way, in an environment we thoroughly know.


Professionalism - Our consultants have a solid experience in pharmaceutical industry, gained in years of practice in multinational companies in the field. The expertise we have and the good knowledge of pharma practices and regulations allow us to understand and quickly adapt to changes which frequently appear on the market, so that we can permanently protect the interest of our customers and can complete in a reasonable deadline authorisation or other procedures, requested by customers.

Transparency - We consider that it is our duty to be transparent and open to our customers. For this reason, we will propose each time the best solution, equally presenting to customers both advantages and disadvantages of each situation.

Responsibility - Our services facilitate access on the pharma Romanian market to medicines and pharmaceutical products essential for the patients. We specifically get involved in supporting specific categories of patients, whose needs for treatment cannot be constantly covered by products existing on the local market. We support the Association for Dravet and Other Rare Epilepsies in their effort to ensure children suffering from these diseases access to a medication essential for their treatment.

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